Why me?

This is a question I still ask myself. Sometimes we think that our worse problems are the end of the line for us. I still ask myself why did I get PCOS. What caused it to happen? Is there a way to prevent it.


When were you told you had PCOS?


I was told back in 2005 I had pcos. I had some blood work done as well as an ultrasound of my ovaries. I somewhat diagnosed myself by reading in a magazine while waiting for my obgyn appointment. I had many of the terrible pcos symptoms.


Do I think there is a cure?

I do, a big part of my soul tells me pcos is based on mainly diet and exercise or lack there of. For me weight has always been a problem since I was young.


Can you get pregnant with PCOS?

Yes you most certainly can! Never let anyone tell you cannot. That is a lie and I believe that most women that have been told this need to seek help from another doctor.