New Directions


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The job that was offered for me did not work out. For reasons I could only discuss in person to someone. At this point in my life path, I have realized taking a job is only part of what I would get from it. I need a career, a choice that makes me feel good, not just a paycheck and somewhere to be when they want me to be.

My younger brother referred to this as being a “bitch”. Not sure I agree with that totally, however for me it seems money is a need, but happiness is far more important to me and my family.

For the moment I have made the choice to listen to my inner voice, and be a stay at home mom to my youngest who is going to be 2 in a few months. Daycare prices are high, and for me I feel that outweighs me finding a entry level job anyway. Not too mention I have two other older children that need more guidance about life, money, and relationships.

I recently, gave up being on Facebook, as I saw it was consuming most of my waking hours and feel that life should not be based on me being on a computer 24/7. Does this mean I do not enjoy being online…. no way. It does however make me look more at what is important to me and what is not. I may come back to Facebook at some point, but for now my life seems way better not being on the social giant.

I am not sure how many people take a look at this blog but it may become more of my journal again to show my girls or just to get my feelings out. For now I leave you with this thought.

Never work for money, let money work for you.

Until I have the chance to update this blog again. Be blessed.


Update on my life

At this point I have to say things have gotten way better. I have a nice job that will be a awesome adventure for me working with adults with developmental disabilities. It starts at the middle of July. It will be full time, and I am very thankful for having the chance to do it!

I still want to look into the acupuncture or massage, but I need to get move first and pay off some much needed debt. My kids are doing well too, I still plan to spend as much time with them and work full time.

So for now I will make every effort to post to this blog at least weekly, if not twice a week. I have some other blogs here that have been doing really well for me. So click my profile link to take a look at those.

Thanks for any prayers you have done for me and my family, it means a lot.

Until next time,


Twinkies are back, guess ebay sellers are gonna be mad



I am sorry but the whole story kind of makes me laugh. I guess Twinkies are coming back with a vengeance according to this article I read online


Guess peoples general health does not matter, but hey they do taste good.

A project I want to do with my girls “Making a Beignet”


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We watched the movie the Princess and the Frog, actually we watch it often. The movie takes place in New Orleans. Anyway we love the movie.

In the movie the main character makes beignets. These are a type of pastry that sounds super yummy. They can come with meat and fruit, but usually are more on the sweet side.Image

I found this mix online seems to be a great start to a delish beignet.

So when my daughters and I get a chance to make this I will take pictures and add it to my blog. Happy baking 🙂

Many blessings

I was able to save my internet for now, I am still looking for employment though. It seems like I am being lead in a different direction job wise then I wanted too. For me looking for work seems boring and I find it odd that entry level jobs ask for so much information about me, my past, etc. I have no record or anything, just seems like people are really nosy.

Anyway I will try to update this blog more often now, that I know I am keeping the internet.

Thanks for the blessings 🙂

Still here


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I was able to make payment arrangements on my internet bill. This past week I had a two phase interview and I still hope that I can land the job. I should know by tomorrow. At this point I am trying to round up at least 56.56 for June 10th for my internet bill.

I know a small amount of money but I am broke as a joke. I owe over 130 dollars but they are working with me.

I rarely ask for help from anyone, please pray for me. Also if you can help me please shoot me an email at the following email

Thanks in advance.

My last post until further notice

I will not be posting anymore for awhile. I do not have the funding to keep up my computer or internet anymore. It makes me sad, because I have lost so many physical things in the past few months.

My heart is becoming hard, I am not sure what is going to happen to my family and I anymore. I hope that good things will happen, however the pattern I have seen seems to be going down a terrible path.

If I am able to make posts I will, but at this point this will be my last post until I am able to get back on my feet.

A Vision Board



I have been very interested in doing positive affirmations for a long time. I was watching a youtube online about making a vision board and it is a project that I would like to try and tackle this weekend.

I plan on going to the dollar tree and getting some poster board, or finding a program online if possible to see if I can make this vision board a reality.