My blessings and my claim


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Seems I have not been able to post daily like my plan was but hey, plans change right? Anyway recently I have been really enjoying using apps to create positive messages to share on different social media platforms. My new one that I created today really spoke to my soul.

We all seem to add up what is going wrong in our lives. Why not speak blessings into our lives instead.


Thankful for the internet and the ability to learn Jan 10th


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It occurred to me that the internet opens many doors for a person to learn. Including myself, I am very thankful for that ability. Not to take everything on the internet as truth, however it does open more doors for learning then ever before. The little things in life should create a thankfulness for us and our loved ones.

I have been on a mission to become a better me and came across the idea yesterday to start jumping on a mini trampoline to lose weight. This is one of my many goals for a better me.

I found a awesome one on Amazon here.


A picture is below for your viewing pleasures as well.


Jan 4th and 5th What I am thankful for.


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Life got the best of me and I forgot to post on my blog about what I am thankful for. One thing I am thankful for is snow. I will be totally honest when I say I dislike snow, however there is a true need for this season. It kills off bad germs believe it or not. The plants need the down time to regrow again in spring. “There is a reason for the season”

I am also thankful for a page I created on Facebook with the link below

I came up with this page knowing I and many other people face depression and so forth throughout out lives. This page is directed toward becoming a better person for us, and the people around us. I feel this was a seed planted within me and pray to see it watered more often on social media outlets and around the world.

I thank anyone reading this blog and hope I can help someone else feel better about who they are and what gifts they have.

Random Act of Kindness Day 3 Jan 3 2014


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For today I planned to perform a random act of kindness. So what did I do? Well I smiled at a girl and thought it would make her smile. In this case it did not, however it made me feel better. Why? Well in all reality even if she didnt show me her smile I am sure it made her soul move. A smile is one simple act that any of us can do for others that has no cost at all.

I found a really neat book online below called

Random Acts of Kindness Then and Now: The 20th Anniversary of a Simple Idea That Changes Lives


We all need to start being more kind to each other. We have no idea what storm someone is going through in their life. A kind word in the end could even save a life. Think about this the next time negative comes from your mouth.


My thankful thing for Jan 2 2014


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Although I have some type of sickness today I was actually able to start tasting my food again. It really sucked having the appetite but not being able to taste my food. So I am very thankful for that. My hope is by tomorrow I am almost at 100%. 

So what are you thankful for today? No matter how big or small there must be something you are happy about. Place the focus on that instead of all the bad that may or could be happening.




A jar or a blog


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AS scrolling through facebook almost daily, I came across a little picture that mentioned to place good things in a jar through the year and then open it on New Years Eve. Instead of the jar concept I am going to make every effort to update this blog daily. Not sure if this can be done, but if I make the effort to remind myself I might be able too. We all take for granted the many blessings we do have. I for one have been an ungreatful person in my life mainly because of how I grew up. No more living in the past daily. I need to look at what went right during the day, not just the wrong things.

So for today the first day of 2014 I am thankful for a roof over my head, the use of all my limbs. These are simple things that I even take for granted and should not ever! There are people everyday that have huge crosses they bare and I look and think the same thing sometimes. I think for me mentally I carry a huge cross.

New year 2014 here I am. Ready, willing and able to make a difference in my life and my others.

Elf on The Shelf “Do you have one?”



I have not updated this blog lately as life I guess has gotten in the way. I came across this new cute tradition called Elf on The Shelf. This cute idea come up from a book that was written about a elf that comes into your home. I have not bought one yet but so wanted to this year.
If you have an interest in buying one please check out the picture below.
elf on the shelf

Past, Present, or Future

Some of us tend to live in the past more then the present. These thoughts have been in my brain since I had a negative encounter on facebook about a week ago. I have since come back to the social media giant. Not sure what prompts me to come back, but I did. For the most part I am happy with my comeback. I want to make more of an effort to get my blog running more frequently and have more readership.

Current goals for me are to start losing weight, or change my life again I would like to call it. I am the same weight I was when I first was pregnant with Samara who will be 2 a  few weeks. Fall seems to be in the air, here in Ohio.

My plan

Drink more water

I have never been a water drinker, I have always like milk, pop and those choices better. Who doesnt’t.

Start riding my bike at least 20 mins three times a week before the snow hits the cold Ohio ground.

Lastly, I plan to not get to hip to weighing myself all the time. It seems to bring me down. I would rather judge on how I feel and look versus the scale currently.

A job or career….


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This question has come to my mind many times in my life. I can never seem to stick to one idea for a career, not too mention my work record is not one I like to brag about. For today I have been looking up what are my skills. I keep asking myself this question over and over again but cannot come up with an answer that I want to stick with.

I was viewing a suggestion on webpage about a book called:

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2013: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers


Seems like a book I would love to read. For me looking for a job seems hard, but for me keeping the job and being happy with it is far more important to me, and the people around me. Anyone can do a job, but loving what you do seems like more fun and worthwhile to me.

If you get the chance to read the book, or if you have let me know your thoughts on it. If you would like to purchase it from a link of my own please click it above.